recipe (easy) – turkey & egg white sandwich

I LOVE SANDWICHES!! One of my favorite foods ever. I like to experiment with making all sorts of sandwiches, and recently, this one is my absolute fave. It’s literally SO SIMPLE that I can’t believe I’m even writing a blog post on this.
Egg white turkey sandwich with tomatoes! It’s SO GOOD!!! Seriously! And a good source of protein. I whip up three egg whites, season them and throw them on the pan (random fact – I LOVE egg whites but egg yolks gross me out. So much additional cholesterol and it’s so yucky looking). Then I chop up one medium sized roma tomato and toss that on top of the eggs and I scramble the two together. Something about tomatoes and eggs just complements one another so well!!! While that’s finishing up, I toast up two slices of 100% whole-grain bread and put in two slices of oven roasted turkey breast deli meat. Then I plop the egg on, top it off with sriracha and there you have the BEST AND MOST SIMPLE SANDWICH EVER!
I love love love spinach, so I like to eat this with a simple spinach salad. Here’s another random fact – I almost never ever ever use any kind of dressing on my salads. Weird, right?
AND LOOK! Here’s the best part about this awesome meal:
ONLY 293 CALORIES!!!!! INCREDIBLE! Did you know that whole eggs are about 90-105 calories? And apparently, I learned in my nutrition class that you’re only supposed to eat a maximum of TWO WHOLE EGGS a week! Cholesterol can clog up your arteries, which will eventually lead to cardiovascular health problems. BUT LOOK HERE….. all 3 of the egg whites I used totaled up to be a whoppin’ count of 48 calories! And egg whites provide an excellent source of protein to your diet. Basically, this recipe is a win-win.


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