weekend recap

I sprained my ankle the other night in our intramural basketball game. I was on crutches for about two days, but the swelling has gone down a LOT. Check out this nastiness….. ewwww
Friday night, S and I went grocery shopping at my favorite place in Waco (HEB Plus…), and I got to drive one of those electrical shopping carts around! However…I got a lot of dirty glances from some older adults who probably thought I was faking it… I WASN’T.
Anyways, I decided that I wanted to make some hummus, so we picked up some groceries plus stuff to make hummus with.
Today, I was looking for anything to do that would allow me to put off my studying, so I decided to make some mint chocolate chip granola bars (MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP IS MY ADDICTION.)
And now, I’m going to be doing this for the rest of the night:


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