TAMU 5k Glow Run

S and I went down to College Station this past weekend to participate in Texas A&M’s 5k Glow Run. We’ve been looking around for random 5ks lately that we can sign up for, and we’re trying to make that a new hobby of ours. Something we can do together while staying in shape at the same time! Challenge accepted.

Getting ready to run ~ 9:15pm
Chilling afterwards in their….”student chilling area”? It would be the equivalent of what the SUB is at Baylor, except A&M’s is 1000x bigger and nicer!
S wanted to take a picture in front of the flags hahah
 My numba

This was pretty much the view from the highway on the way back to Waco…cows, cows, and more cows. Also, we saw gas prices for $4.59!!!! That’s just not okay.


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