my fav banana muffins

I seriously love muffins. I’m always looking for new recipes to experiment with, and looking around for inspiration for my own creations. If you follow my blog, you’ll probably come to realize this sooner or later, as you will see that I make a LOT of muffins.
One recipe that never fails me is my amaze-balls banana muffins. I seriously believe that these are the best banana muffins I’ve ever had, and they’re perfect to make whenever you have bananas that are over-ripe and have turned black. The natural ripening of the fruit adds a ton of natural sweetness to the muffin. And plus, look at how beautifully they turn out!
I like to use whole-wheat flour for these, because I find that banana actually helps mask and complement the whole wheat flour pretty nicely. King Arthur flour is one of THE BEST brands of flour that you can get at the grocery store (in my opinion), and together with the bananas, it makes a great batch of muffins that you can make ahead and heat up for breakfast throughout the week.


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