Welcome back to the blog

Hey readers!
Wow, I really stink at keeping up with this blog…
Here’s an update on life –

  • School’s rough. 18 hours every semester I’ve been in college, including this one, except I’m in all upper-level classes this semester, so it’s extra rough. Weeks are filled with research papers, exams, quizzes, lab reports, etc. On top of that, I was going to school from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., and going to work right afterwards from 4 until midnight……….. but thank God I quit my job because I was literally in zombie mode every day.
  • Everyone’s graduating soon. It’s so crazy how fast these college years went by. I don’t graduate until December, but seeing my friends and classmates get ready for graduation is really a reality check on how precious and irreplaceable time is.
  • Everyone’s getting married. dotdotdot. Seriously, when did we start growing up so fast?

Here’s some photos on things I’ve been making. You can catch more of my food on my insta. Hopefully (*fingers crossed*) I will find the time to update this blog more often w/ recipes and good reads.

Apple Pie!!




Strawberry & Oats Bars. Sooooo. Gooood.




I love me some good roasted chicken.



Banana & hot cocoa swirled muffins topped with chocolate chips…..just because. 😉

I’ll sincerely try to post more. Someone hold me accountable plz.


1 comment
  1. Tyler said:

    What tha eff, it’s been 11 days since you’ve posted last!!!

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