Fall ’14 updates

Hiya. TWO updates from me within one week?!?! This is a miracle….

Here’s what I’ve been making this Fall:

Pumpkin Bagels – kneaded completely by hand! This was actually my first time making bagels, and they were so0o0oo good…I even ended up making a second batch just a couple of days later! Life is hard without a standing mixer…but you can get quite an arm workout in by kickin it old school and kneading out some yeast dough!

Apple Pie – hashtag basic. But this was actually made for my cousin, who is IN LOVE with my apple pie. The crust is made from scratch, which I actually prefer WAY over store-bought crust for a number of reasons. 1) The final product is just so. much. better. 2) I find rolling out the pie crust/dough to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing. I know… I’m weird like that.

Pumpkin & Greek Yogurt Bread – wow, the number of pumpkin loaves I’ve made this Fall is ridiculous. I believe in 2 weeks, I had made over 8 loaves… I just had so many people to gift a loaf to, and so many people kept asking for them! These are made with greek yogurt, so they were extremely moist & soft.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Biscuits – can you tell I was pretty excited for the Fall season and went a bit crazy with all the pumpkin stuff? Heh… always creating/developing new recipes, and for some reason, I was really wanting biscuits one morning. These actually turned out pretty good, but I ended up giving half of them away since I live by myself and always need to limit the number of baked goods I have on hand, otherwise I’ll EAT THEM ALL!

Salted Caramel Macarons – ignore the bumpy shells. So ugly, I know. Note to self – NEVER skip the step where you process the almond flour & confectioner together…EVER again! Macarons are one of those pastries where you can definitely take NO shortcuts.

Salted Dark Cocoa & Nutella Macarons – of course. The whole previous post was dedicated to these babies, so I’m sure you guys are sick & tired of seeing their pics around, hehe. 

Alright, well I added a “contact” link to my menu, so you guys can use that to fill out any order requests that you may have, or if you just want to simply send me a message! I always love getting messages from my readers. Yall are seriously the best.

P.S. – I recently hit over 1K followers on insta! wo0o0o0ot

xoxo JO


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