Oh. My. Goodness.
This week marks the first week of me actually selling some of my goods at Baylor. To kick it off, I decided to sell salted dark cocoa nutella macarons. For those of y’all who have no idea what a macaron is…it’s basically one of the most tedious and challenging pastries to make! What makes it such a frustrating treat is that everything before/during/after the process has to be EXACT. Your ingredients need to be measured out in grams. You need to process them for at least 15 seconds. You need to sift the flour mixture. You need to age your egg whites at room temperature overnight. You need to have the right environment – two humid, and you end up with a mess. You need to allow for a resting period. You need an exact idea of how your oven temperature works. You need to know when your macaronage is mixed exactly right – undermix by just a few strokes, and you’ll end up with peaked tops and hollow shells. Overmix by just a few strokes and you’ll end up with a runny batter that doesn’t hold its shape during the resting period. But most importantly… you need to make sure that your shells develop some nice feet, the defining characteristic of macarons so difficult to perfect that make places like Laduree and Pierre Herme stand at ladders above its competitors and allow them to charge crazy high prices for this French pastry.
Being that it was only my first week, I definitely underestimated the number of orders that I would get. For three nights straight, it was just me, my food processor, my hand-mixer, and a whole lot of mess in the kitchen for hours and hours, trying desperately to make sure that I met my deadline. So. Exhausting. Here’s some photos to capture the moments.

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Hey readers!
Wow, I really stink at keeping up with this blog…
Here’s an update on life –

  • School’s rough. 18 hours every semester I’ve been in college, including this one, except I’m in all upper-level classes this semester, so it’s extra rough. Weeks are filled with research papers, exams, quizzes, lab reports, etc. On top of that, I was going to school from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., and going to work right afterwards from 4 until midnight……….. but thank God I quit my job because I was literally in zombie mode every day.
  • Everyone’s graduating soon. It’s so crazy how fast these college years went by. I don’t graduate until December, but seeing my friends and classmates get ready for graduation is really a reality check on how precious and irreplaceable time is.
  • Everyone’s getting married. dotdotdot. Seriously, when did we start growing up so fast?

Here’s some photos on things I’ve been making. You can catch more of my food on my insta. Hopefully (*fingers crossed*) I will find the time to update this blog more often w/ recipes and good reads.

Apple Pie!!




Strawberry & Oats Bars. Sooooo. Gooood.




I love me some good roasted chicken.



Banana & hot cocoa swirled muffins topped with chocolate chips…..just because. 😉

I’ll sincerely try to post more. Someone hold me accountable plz.


Hey guys!
Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile… life has been kinda stressful and hectic lately, but I’m back! And I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of my incredible viewers who check this page daily or weekly. I can’t believe I got 1000 hits this past month…. it may not seem like a big deal, but to me, that’s a huge deal! It’s so encouraging to know that there are people reading my posts 🙂 It inspires me to do more research and write more for you guys :’)

This has nothing to do with food, but I thought I would entertain you guys with some photos of my life lately as a way to ease back into the habit of blogging. I promise I have some posts for y’all on the way 🙂

Studying all night like the good student I am
I LOVE strawberries with greek yogurt! So delicious :’)
Salmon is probably my favorite food ever! And I love asparagus… which it wasn’t always so expensive though >_< And guys… homemade mashed potatoes are literally SO EASY AND SIMPLE!!!! Way better and healthier than that processed junk you buy at supermarkets!
I’m an alien! Ahhhhh~!
Tired after work >_<
S and I have been on an Indian food/curry addiction lately… so one night I made some Thai green curry! With chicken breasts, zucchini, carrots, & potatoes. Still craving curry to this day..
MY LOVES. OMG I LOVE MY VIBRAMS!!!!!!! Best shoes to run in, hands down
Baylor vs. Kansas! Such a great night to be a bear when we killed them :’)
Look what S bought for me!! I was sooooo happy, and will definitely be putting this bad boy to good use. You guys will probably see a lot of posts with this guy 😀
We love him! Best walk-on player ever.
The asians at the BU – KU game
Basketball was my first love! Bet a lot of y’all didn’t know that… I played on a team for six years before I had to quit, due to having a herniated disc in my spine 😥
I made Biscoff muffins! They were… amaze-balls. Yes, they are as good as they look… maybe even better
I made strawberry-lemon muffins! With whole wheat flour… what did I tell y’all… I love muffins…
S and I after running our second 5k together. I finished in under 25 minutes and he finished in under 30! So proud of us :’) And…I found out that I placed 21st out of 529 women that day!!!
I recently invested in a crockpot and have been in love with it. What you see here is a week’s worth of chicken soup that it made while I slept that night :’) S and I have been eating this all week with some oriental style noodles. SO GOOD. Tastes like chicken pho. Needless to say, you guys will definitely be seeing some posts relating to my newfound love for the crockpot.

S and I went down to College Station this past weekend to participate in Texas A&M’s 5k Glow Run. We’ve been looking around for random 5ks lately that we can sign up for, and we’re trying to make that a new hobby of ours. Something we can do together while staying in shape at the same time! Challenge accepted.

Getting ready to run ~ 9:15pm
Chilling afterwards in their….”student chilling area”? It would be the equivalent of what the SUB is at Baylor, except A&M’s is 1000x bigger and nicer!
S wanted to take a picture in front of the flags hahah
 My numba

This was pretty much the view from the highway on the way back to Waco…cows, cows, and more cows. Also, we saw gas prices for $4.59!!!! That’s just not okay.

Hello, my loves!
Today was my third year celebrating Valentine’s Day with my lovely boyfriend (wow, time flies). I wanted to surprise him with some baked goodies, so I decided to make brownie ice cream cupcakes with his favorite strawberry ice cream! Even though I think that you should spoil and love your special someone year round, Valentine’s Day is still a special day to do a little more for the one you love 🙂

The ingredients: for a simple brownie recipe. Plus ice cream of choice and sprinkles! (not pictured)

The brownie layer! After the batter has been baked all the way through 😀

What they look like after you add a layer of ice cream on them and decorate with your choice of decorations. It looks like frosting!

Of course I had to steal one to test it out before I gave them to the man. Hehe

And one for insta! I also shared some with my dear cousin (E) who is SINGLE and AWESOME! (Just btw, for you ladies…)

Let me know if you guys want me to post the actual recipe for this. It was actually pretty easy.
Until next time… from us to yall!
I sprained my ankle the other night in our intramural basketball game. I was on crutches for about two days, but the swelling has gone down a LOT. Check out this nastiness….. ewwww
Friday night, S and I went grocery shopping at my favorite place in Waco (HEB Plus…), and I got to drive one of those electrical shopping carts around! However…I got a lot of dirty glances from some older adults who probably thought I was faking it… I WASN’T.
Anyways, I decided that I wanted to make some hummus, so we picked up some groceries plus stuff to make hummus with.
Today, I was looking for anything to do that would allow me to put off my studying, so I decided to make some mint chocolate chip granola bars (MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP IS MY ADDICTION.)
And now, I’m going to be doing this for the rest of the night: