Getting so lazy with the blog. I know. Sorry all… if you’re still checking back on this, you’re the real MVP.

Anyways, here’s some news since the last time I posted. I graduated! Some words to describe how I feel: crazy. awesome. nostalgic. I actually miss Baylor a lot more than I thought I would. I get so excited these days when I see someone walking around reppin’ a Baylor t-shirt or a Baylor hat, haha.
Other news: I got into graduate school! I only applied to two programs, both with an attached DI program to save myself an extra step once I get my master’s degree. I got into UT Houston (Health Science Center) a couple of months ago into their School of Public Health, and just recently, I got my admission letter into Texas A&M. Ahhhhh, life is just happening so fast, it’s unreal. It’s so hard to believe that I only have two years of school left (of which I know are going to fly by), followed by my dietetic internship rotations, and then I’m free to take the registration exam and begin my practice. Seriously, so crazy.

P.S. – DICAS matching is this SUNDAY! Ahhh the feels.

Anyways, here’s some photos for y’all to look at, since they’re pretty much mandatory with any post I make.

IMG_6623 IMG_6621
Made a giant pot of spinach & artichoke basil pest soup w/ brown rice fusilli back when it was still crazy cold.

Nutella cookies!!! These were seriously so good….. made them as part of a giveaway on my insta.

Just because breakfast food is my favorite… a simple yet delightful brunch.

Can you tell I love soup? Heh. Chicken tortilla soup w/ cornbread waffles.Because waffles = joy.

IMG_6969  IMG_6968
Made more bagels because kneading dough is so relaxing! Cinnamon raisin bagels.

Ohhhhh boy, these were so good! Hazelnut cupcakes w/ cappuccino buttercream frosting.

I actually haven’t been baking that much since I moved to College Station, but that’s going to change soon! I miss experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with new things.

Til next time,

xoxo JO